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Century Arms International Catamount Lynxx


The Century Arms International Catamount Lynxx Spring Pump Action Shotgun is an excellent choice for home defense. The Catamount Lynxx offers shooters an excellent design that allows for extreme versatility, this allows you to load out your shotgun to your specific needs. Lights, laser, optics as well as slings and other accessories can be easily installed with the integral Picatinny Rails. Nothing beats a 12 Gauge shotgun for home defense, and the Catamount Lynxx is a great one to have.  

  • Guage - 12
  • Length - 39"
  • Barrel Length - 18.5
  • Weight - 6.6 lbs
  • Chamber - 3"
  • Rail - Yes
  • Muzzle Brake - Yes


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